My “office” is in the lower level of my split level house. Mostly one big open area where we keep all the electronics and toys and junk so this is where the kids and I hang a lot. The TV is about 10 feet from my computer desk. And sometimes the TV is just too loud or too soft and I’m too lazy to walk 10 feet to the remote or my phone to change it. It would be nice if I can control the TV from my computer.

My TV has a remote control app that sadly doesn’t work with BlueStacks. But I do have a Amazon Fire HD 10 that sits on the same network. If I can remotely control this tablet, I can access control the volume on my TV! And maybe more 🤷‍♂️

After a little bit of searching I found scrcpy. And it appears to be exactly what I’m looking for. Simple remote control over wifi that I can start from my windows machine.

First install scrcpy and adb with choco.

choco install scrcpy
choco install adb

Then enable USB debuging on the fire tablet.

Now that it’s plugged in with USB debugging on, simple run scrcpy and it will pop up a window that you interact with the device.

To access it over wifi we have to enable tcpip debugging.

adb tcpip 5555

Then unplug and connect to the device remotely

scrcpy --tcpip={device IP}

Fire HD 10 scrcpy

One thing that I noticed is the fire tablet screen goes to sleep I can’t seem to wake it up from the scrcpy window. Thankfully we can issue commands over adb remotely too. This will wake the device remotely.

adb shell input keyevent KEYCODE_WAKEUP

And now I can access my TV remote from my computer! 🥳

Fire HD 10 scrcpy Vizio App

P.S. I just noticed I can wake the device with a right click in the scrcpy window. Sweet!