Hi there

My name is Nick Vissari and this is my blog.

I’ve worked in IT for my entire professional life. Like a lot of folks that grew up in the 90s, I liked to tinker with technology. During my early years I dropped out of college and started a business. It didn’t go well. I worked a lot of odd jobs and eventually found my way to a decent employer.

I worked my way up the organization by following a simple principal my Dad told me, “Make yourself invaluable.” My Dad saw a lot of layoffs in the 80s and 90s but he was one worker they could not afford to let go, too valuable. He would do the work that no one else liked to do. He would figure out solutions to problems that weren’t his. I try to do the same.

While I do like to dabble in obscurities, I’m not a knowledge hoarder. I try to share what I know with whoever wants it. Eirgo, this blog.

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